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It was in 2004 that Sylvie Schwer first showed the existence of a new culture. In the framework of empirical research at the University of Krems (Austria) she analysed and described Salsa culture and laid the foundation for further investigations.

Salsas are people, who grow up with more than one mothertongue and more than one homeland.

As a result, they differ even from Expatriates,Third Culture Kids and Intermarriage Kids.

An abstract of this first study can be ordered free of charge via email.


In the ongoing research, the following aspects of Salsa Culture are being highlighted:

        Salsas in international organizations

        Salsas in conflict management

        Salsa skills


These theoretical and empirical works and their application are taking place as a PhD-thesis. Research is already on the way.

Please, if you feel you might be a Salsa (or you might know some), let me know!

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